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Keeping your facility equipped with properly stored and inspected fire extinguishers is not only required by law, but may also help you sleep better at
night. Different facilities will require specific extinguishers based on the types of combustible materials present. Each class of materials is given a
letter rating and will have one or more particular fire extinguisher containing the appropriate type of agent to extinguish the flames. Class A fires are the first class of fire that need to be addressed. Learn all the details about class A fires and suitable Class A fire extinguishers to keep your
business or home safe.

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Class C Fire Extinguishers For Electrical Fires

Knowing fire classifications is an essential part of any fire safety plan, particularly in commercial settings where electrical, chemical, or flammable liquid fires can occur. Different kinds of fires are fought with different approaches and require specific types of extinguishers. Class C fires, sometimes referred to as electrical fires, require their own class c fire extinguishers. There are also certain precautions that must be taken when confronting a class C fire. Understanding the distinct qualities of class C fires and how to prevent and extinguish them is vital for keeping your commercial and residential buildings safe.

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Where There's Smoke There's Fire-Is your Fire Extinguisher Ready For A Fire

Is Your Fire Extinguisher Ready For An Emergency?

Having a safety plan is extremely important for your business but one thing that you make not think about is if your fire extinguisher is ready for a  fire. You may already know, placing fire extinguishers around your building allows your trained employees to put out small fires before they turn into large devastating conflagrations. But will they work when they need to? If you want your fire extinguishers to work when you need them, you have to perform regular maintenance checks at least monthly. We have created a checklist to make sure your fire extinguisher is ready when you need it. 

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