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5 Fires that shaped fire codes

When it comes to fire safety and construction regulations, it’s always best to set sky-high safety standards and hold your buildings to them. Unfortunately, modern civilizations are built on lessons learned the hard way. Most of our international building codes and city safety regulations exist because of tragic events that showed us how we shouldn’t build things.

Dozens of fires and natural disasters have ripped through our world’s greatest cities, leaving destruction – and eventually, new regulations – in their wake. But the following fires have had a huge impact on modern fire codes, especially in the cities they nearly destroyed. These five beastly blazes probably made it into your history textbooks, but you may not know how they laid the groundwork for the rules you must follow today.

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Fires at construction sites are a common occurrence that can lead to injuries, fatalities, and property loss. From careless behavior, such as tossing
cigarettes on the ground, to unsafe and improper storage of combustibles, there are several potential causes of construction fires. However, there are steps that managers and employees can take to reduce the risk on construction site fires. Implementing the following construction fire safety codes can help you lower the risk of fires at your work site and keep your employees, business, and property safe.

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Fire Safety Laws That Your Small Business Should Be Following


As a small business owner, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep your employees safe. Fire safety is one way in which you do this, and it’s
an important one. If you own a business, no matter how large or small it may be, you are legally obligated to understand and follow fire safety laws.
However, many business owners don’t understand fire safety laws to the fullest extent. Learn about the five key things your small business should be doing to keep your property, employees, and customers safe from fire dangers.
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