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Heavy Duty Outdoor Cabinet (HDOC) is made from 16 gauge galvanized steel in a baked red acrylic enamel over phosphate treated steel. It includes weather resistive gasketing, full length stainless steel piano hinge with 2 roller ball catches, safety lock, a sloped roof to facilitate drainage, white “Fire Extinguisher” decal, “Pull Firmly to Open” decal, and stainless steel pull handle.

Model # Trim Style Interior
Tub Size
Outside Trim
Accom. Ext Size
W H D W H lbs. lbs.
Heavy Duty Outdoor
HDOC-10 11 1/2″ 24″ 7 3/4″ 12″ 25″ 30 5 & 10
HDOC-20 14″ 28″ 9″ 14″ 28″ 35 20
HDOC-30 14″ 33″ 9″ 14″ 33″ 40 30

Strike First Corporation of America takes immense pride in the products we produce. Thanks to our craftsmanship and excellent customers we have progressed past our humble manufacturing roots into a whole line of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Portable Fire Extinguisher Stands, & Defibrillator Cases to meet your needs. We’ve been tirelessly working with our customers since 2002 to make sure that we have the perfect fire extinguisher cabinets for our distributors.