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Fire Extinguisher Accessories


Strike First Heavy Duty Vehicle Brackets can fit most* ABC fire extinguishers. Welded steel construction with a stainless steel pull pin and safety retainer to keep bracket from vibrating open. Polyester powder coat finish. Individually boxed.

Click here for submittal sheet on HDVB.

Medium Duty Double Strap Bracket We also offer a Medium Duty Double Strap Vehicle Bracket for use with all 5lb and 10lb ABC fire extinguishers. Polyester powder coat finish. Heavy duty buckle closures. Coast Guard approved with 10 lb. ABC extinguisher.
Wheeled Trolley Cart for 30lb. ABC
We also offer a wheeled trolley for transporting 30lb. fire extinguishers. Stainless steel weld tube construction, wheels and a sturdy front foot for balance. (Extinguisher not included)

pdficon_small Wheeled Trolley Sheet



Model # Accessories Description
Standard Brackets – Wall Brackets
025 2.5lb. Standard Wall Bracket
026 5lb. ABC & HP Standard Wall Bracket
027 10lb. Standard Wall Bracket
028 20lb. Standard Wall Bracket
031 30lb. Standard Wall Bracket
Standard Brackets – Vehicle Brackets
029 2.5lb. Standard Vehicle Bracket
030 5lb. Regular & HP Standard Vehicle Bracket
Heavy Duty Vehicle Brackets
020 HDVB1 5lb. Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket w/Pin & Safety Retainer
021 HDVB2 10lb. Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket w/Pin & Safety Retainer
022 HDVB3 20lb. Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket w/Pin & Safety Retainer
032 HDVB4 30lb. Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket w/Pin & Safety Retainer
Medium Duty Double Strap Bracket
023 5lb. ABC & HP Double Strap Vehicle Bracket
024 10lb. ABC Double Strap Vehicle Bracket
Wheeled Trolley Cart
033 30lb. wheeled trolley cart extinguisher not included
Strike First ABC Dry and Wet Chemical Charge
SF-90 45 lb pail-ABC dry chemical (Strike First extinguishers only)
SF-3LK 3 Liter liquid chemical charge (4 pack)