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DC Steel Defibrillator Cabinet

DC Steel Defibrillator Cabinet Non Rated choice of surface mount, semi-recessed or recessed models. Fire Rated choice of semi-recessed or recessed models. Cabinets have continuous hinge, roller catch, and chrome handle. Tank is 20 ga. steel. Stainless steel is a #4 polished finish. Semirecessed and recessed cabinets are ADA compliant. Cabinets can be ordered without alarm, or you can add a strobe with the alarm. All MMP alarmed AED cabinets feature the most versatile alarm in the industry. Cabinet alarm system’s plastic housing is secured within the AED cabinet with two push on hex nuts. This allows the alarm to be secured to the cabinet and easily removable to change batteries or adjust settings.

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Strike First Corporation of America takes immense pride in the products we produce. Thanks to our craftsmanship and excellent customers we have progressed past our humble manufacturing roots into a whole line of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, & Portable Fire Extinguisher Stands  to meet your needs. We’ve been tirelessly working with our customers since 2002 to make sure that we have the perfect defibrillator cases for their needs.