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group-270x300In 2002, with 100 years of my family’s tradition of excellence behind it, Strike First Corporation of America was launched in the United States by myself and Angie, my wife. The same quality and attention to details that is the hallmark of the Williams family products follows suit with Strike First Corporation of America. With myself at the helm, we continue to grow internationally as the direct result of our determination to listen to our customer’s needs, improve the product accordingly, and remain competitive on pricing; all this while maintaining the highest and most consistent quality.

The fire prevention business in the 21st century is one that requires broad-based knowledge of the industry and constant customer contact. We continue to accomplish that in this competitive environment while offering the solid foundation, based on years of experience in the fire protection industry, that allows our customers to rest assured that we strive only for the best.

It is our privilege to carry on the tradition of the Williams family here in the United States. Because the Williams family has always demanded the best of me, you can know with confidence that I will offer my best to you.


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