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People, in general, tend to want to use things that are opposite of what they are intended for. Many times these choices are very dangerous, harmful or even fatal. That’s why things like the Darwin Awards and America’s Funniest Home Videos exist. When it comes to fire extinguishers, people do some of their most creative work. It can be all fun Whether they’re racing down hallways or spraying down strangers, people just can’t help but use fire extinguishers for everything except their intended purpose.  There are definitely great examples that people have tried of what not to do with a fire extinguisher. Here are 10 of the most cringe-worthy ways you should never use a fire extinguisher.

10 Cringe-Worth Ways You Should Never Use A Fire Extinguisher

As a Prank



It’s the old “set yourself on fire and throw yourself out in front of a passerby” trick. Make sure you flail as your jacket burns and toss a fire
extinguisher (one that doesn’t work, preferably) into the hands of an unsuspecting person walking down the road. They’ll think it’s really funny.


Roller Chair Derby in the Office



Propelling yourself across the office in your chair with a fire extinguisher as your power source is all fun and games until an actual fire breaks out. Try
telling the boss how funny your roller chair derby was when someone’s trash can is on fire and the extinguishers are empty.

As a Flame Thrower



Yes, you can use a fire extinguisher to make fire instead of using it to put one out. No, this is not a good idea. If the propane and extinguisher
flamethrower catches something on fire, not only is there a fire, but now you have nothing to extinguish it with!


Using For Welding and Carbonating Water


The best reason not to use a fire extinguisher to weld or carbonate water: the tank could burst. The second best reason? The tank
could burst. And that happens to be the third best reason, too. A homemade glass of seltzer water isn’t exactly worth getting maimed by an exploding fire
extinguisher you tried to extract the CO2 from.

Point it at Your face

Granted, this probably happens most often when the hose of an extinguisher gets loose during use. Whether on purpose or by accident, the only thing you can
expect from looking a fire extinguisher straight in the eye is a face full of freezing cold chemicals and a trip to the ER.


Point It at Your Mouth


It might seem like putting a fire extinguisher hose in your mouth and pulling the pin would result in some sort of fantastic cartoon-like experience.
Instead you’re more likely to fill your throat with chemicals you will be forced throw up. There really is no upside to this one, is there?


Standing Inside of a Plastic Bag


A man steps inside a giant plastic bag. The man brings in a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher goes off and fills the bag with CO2. The man
apparently can’t breath and emerges frantically, covered in fire extinguisher contents and looking confused. This could be a PSA for why playing around
with fire extinguishers is often as disappointing as it is dangerous.


Really Close to Any Kind of Machinery


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The fire extinguisher is so in control in this situation it could have hopped up into the cab of the truck and driven off to the next emergency all on its

To Carbonate Your Beer


There is no shortage of CO2 in the world that forces people to use fire extinguishers to carbonate their beverages. Maybe they think it is kitschy, or
maybe they like the idea of potentially blowing up their home brewery. Either way, it’s a bad idea.


Converting it into a CO2 Scuba Tank


Yet another instance where someone is trying to replace a commonly found item with a fire extinguisher. Scuba tanks made for scuba diving are plentiful.
Unless you’re trapped on an island by yourself and need to scuba dive back to safety and all you have to use as a CO2 tank is a fire extinguisher, don’t bother with this one either.


Learn To Use A Fire Extinguisher Properly

Fire extinguishers are made for a very specific– and obvious– purpose: to put out fires. They’re not made for flame throwing, deep sea exploration, drink preparation, or
propelling yourself into viral video infamy. These are all great examples of ways you should never use a fire extinguisher. Learning how to use a fire extinguisher properly is imperative for safety and miss using them is very dangerous in more ways than one.


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